Official teaser of ‘Nolok’ has been rocking on Youtube these days!

Played by superstar Shakib Khan and actress Bobby, the blazing movie ‘Nolok’ is eagerly waiting to be released on this Eid. Recently, 52-second teaser of this film has released yesterday.The most significant appearance of actors and actresses really were praise-worthy. This movie ‘Nolok’ already grabs the whole attractions of movie-lovers. Shakib Sonnet, the well-known producer and director of this film, had received the censor certificate on 2nd May,Thursday at noon. Shakil Sonnet also informed,”I will release the film on upcoming Eidi. Hall-booking procedure has also started. As part of the movie’s marketing, teaser has been released today. I think that, based on quality or story ‘Nolok’ will be the most discussed movie ever on Eid. A few days ago, Shakil Sonnet also demanded, “This will be Shakib Bhai’s one of the best story-based movies.It has everything to hold visitors away. Shakib-Bobby is on count too. A beautiful story is there. This story will keep the viewers to behold till the end of the movie.” Under B-Happy Entertainment production, Ferari Farhad created the story, dialogue and screenplay of ‘Nolok’. On December 1, 2010, the shooting of this movie was started at Hyderabad in India. Shakib Khan and Bobby Haque played the lead role in this movie. Apart from them Mausumi, Omar Sani, Tariq Anam Khan including Rajatav Dutt, Supriya Dutta of India and many more played amazing roles in this movie. Let’s wish for the ‘Nolok’ to be best blockbuster movie of the year ever and ever.