Keka ferdousi with her Noodles pickles!

Keka ferdousi – recently, one of the most popular and criticized person of Bangladesh. Is she an actress? Any politician? Nope! She is not in any that type of sector from which anyone can be criticized or become a matter of discussion. But she is! How?

Keka ferdousi has two identities in her. She is from a very well known family and is the daughter of fiction writer Begum Rabea Khatun and director Fazlul Haque and sister of writer, film producer, managing director of Impress Telefilm Ltd. And Channel-I Faridur Reza Sagar. The second and the most important identity of keka ferdousi is that she is a chef. Keka ferdousi at first worked in TV with his brother Faridur reza sagar in a children film- President. She started to cook for TV and make TV career back in 1994. That year a mushroom recipe of keka ferdousi was on aired in the Shykh Seraj’s Mati o Manush on BTV. After the show she has worked in many shows. Some of them are- Monohor Ifftar, Amader Kotha, Desh Bidesh er Ranna etc. She always had the dream to do something through cooking. From class 5 keka started her cooking. She got her inspiration of cooking different dishes from her father. Besides, staying abroad enriched her level of thinking and experiment more. Recently, she has written down boosk called Mojadar Ranna and Sastho Sacheton Ranna. The  last book has achieved the Gourmand World Cookbook Award.

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Nowadays, keka is a very famous name in the media for her different types of recipes and experiment with food. In her one TV show, she tried to experiment on noodles and made various new food items from it. From that show keka ferdousy has become a more familiar person to media. Many trolls were made on her noodles recipe and her. But nothing could discourage her. In this Ramadan. Keka ferdousi has worked in 8 TV channel of Bangladesh and has experienced with 90 new recipes. Keka ferdousi loves to work with new recipes and one of them are given below for you.


Noodles pickles



Cooking oil (shorshe)

Dry pepper

Chili pepper

Pacforon/ seasoning

Vinegar (3 tablespoon)




At first you have to take some oil in fry pan. Then put some seasoning in it. After sometime put noodles in the oil. The noodles should be boiled in salt before that. Put some garlic, sugar, grease oil, dry pepper and salt in the pan. Put chili pepper, vinegar and everything left from the ingredients in the pan. Then after sometime put down the pan from the oven. Your noodles pickles is ready!

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